Friday, 2 October 2009

University Blogging

Well, Freshers' Week is coming to a close. Not that I've had an awful lot of involvement in it, just that it will be good to get into a routine, as I'm sure some of the other students would agree.

I'm also back to work next week, so it's work three days, workshops at Uni for two days, plus homework, peer critiques, reflective pieces, etc etc. Added to that, I have an interview for a new job next Thursday afternoon, which kind of interferes with one of the first-week workshops. Damn and blast! I will work around it somehow, as this new job would be better pay and a higher grade, so yes, I do want it. It's more my cup of tea, too. For the moment, Project Team Member sounds good to me, honey-pies.

I have my youngest daughter and Granddaughter coming to stay on Saturday night, so I'm looking forward to seeing them. I may take them for a Uni pizza, let Granddaughter see a different slice of life. Who knows, maybe she'll want some of this for herself, later on in life.

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