Monday, 12 October 2009

New Novel

I'm thinking about what to write in a new novel. Over the last few years I've had a few novel ideas, started them, and always, enthusiasm for the idea has either petered out, or it hasn't seemed like the novel I really want to write.

I don't know why this is. I think I need to really look at what I want to say, at the style, content, genre. I want to think hard about this over the next week or so, because I could write this novel as part of my Creative Writing M.A.

I love reading about families, how they function, or not in some cases. It's a good idea to write about what you like reading about, I think. So...thinking...thinking...


  1. Good luck. I have a couple of stories brewing in my head constantly never sure if they should come out at all, or if so scripts or novels. So there they stay brewing. Good luck with your thinking I hope the story finds a way out into life.

  2. Best of luck with the MA.

    It sounds like you should be writing some sort of family saga, but who knows where the creative process will end up.
    Just start writing - the first word that comes to mind in your idea...and don't stop until you have 20,000 words, at least.

    Look forward to seeing the progress

    warm wishes

  3. Grethic, yes, I sometimes struggle between choosing scripts or novels. I'm thinking novel this time though, and may use the 500 word story I've just written as a starting point.

    Hi, Bluestocking Mum. I'm going to do just that, and have already got a short piece for my first contribution.

    Thanks, both.

  4. Good idea Higgs, take your time. Think then plan. I couldn't begin to write a novel unless I had a good idea of where it was leading and what I was trying to say.

    Also, trust your instincts. Your strengths have always been your characters and relationships.

    Just wanted you to know I've been following your uni journey (thanks for sharing) - left a message on your first workshop post too. x

  5. Thanks, Mel. As I type this I'm thinking about characters and relationships.

  6. Wouldn't we all like to write the novel we really want to read, and there's so many great family-based novels out there. It's looking for that central idea. Went to a Jodi Picoult seminar once and she said she gets her ideas mainly from the issues of the day and explores them to death (helps if you have a research team I know). All the creative best Antonia. You're in the right place to achieve your goals...

  7. Funny you should say that, L'Aussie, because yesterday there was a tv programme on, a factual one, and it gave me such a great idea for a theme that could run through my new novel. I'm excited.


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