Tuesday, 6 October 2009

University Blogging - First Workshop

I've had my first workshop! It went really well, and I'm going to love it! Even managed to write something and read it out. It was interesting to get a flavour of what the workshops will entail. We studied a photograph and wrote our own take on the pic, from either the person in the photo or the person taking the photo, or any other way you liked.

I could not believe that three of us were late for the FIRST EVER WORKSHOP!! We were told Meeting Room One. I followed the signs to Seminar Room One. They're one and the same, right? WRONG! Three forlorn students stood outside this room for five minutes. One of the students then said something about engineering. I looked at the guy standing across from me. I'd seen him at the welcome meeting so knew he was part of my group. "Erm, aren't you in creative writing?" I asked the other guy. He said, "Nope, engineering."

We hot-footed it up the stairs, where we found yet another of our brood (also late) and found MEETING ROOM ONE, the class already underway. Luckily for us the tutor was very understanding. Still, I felt very silly and stupid. What's the motto? Research your venue!

Later, I'm going to my first lecture, 5 pm until 6 pm: The Writing as Practice Lectures (inc Plaigiarism) with George Green.

There's Friday lectures too, 12 until 1 pm. But sadly, it's a working day for me, so I'll miss them, unless I'm on annual leave or flexi day, then I'll try to catch the odd one.

But, it's underway folks. Uni life really has begun. Here. Right now.


  1. Love reading your university blogs Higgs. Sounds like your starting to settle in now. The workshops sound fun, not sure I could get up and read in front of a group....well done to you.

    The exercise sounds interesitng. What was the photo of?

  2. I think it's easier because I've had a taste of doing it before. I'm thankful for all the critiquing I've done in the past, too. Invaluable.

    The photo was of a lady in about the 1930s. She looked quite angry, yet there was a sadness in her eyes.


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