Thursday, 1 October 2009

More University Blogging

Hey! I've now got my library card, my purple card, & a Uni parking permit is in the offing for hubby.

I can find my way to the Porter's lodge, the bank, the medical centre, the library, the security lodge, all cafes and restaurants (yum) and, ahem, all of the bars. Not that I frequent such places, la la la have no idea where my first workshop will be held next week! Oh yes I have, it's right across from my flat, so that is VERY good news.

I'm feeling much better about the whole move. Did I say how i really felt at the beginning? No? I think I was scared to...and SCARED is the operative word, because that's exactly how i've felt, really, about everything.

Honestly, slap my wrists please. It felt like the first day at, that's not true, because I actually can't remember the first day. What I do remember is the very large E I wrote on a piece of paper when it should have been a very small e. It covered the whole page, and I felt very scared.

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