Friday, 2 October 2009

University Blogging - The Accommodation

Did I mention our accommodation at Uni? No? Okay, well, do you know, I'm pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be much scruffier, with ancient fixtures and fittings, but no, it's very clean and modern. Having said that, this particular flat and block, and the few blocks adjoining are just over a year old.

We struck lucky I think, because the part of the Uni I initially requested to be housed in, is quite a long way from where my workshops are held, and further away from the main body of the Uni, and the inner spine which seems to lead to everywhere once you get used to it.

We arrived on the Saturday, found the porter's lodge with the help of a nice young girl in a blue 'helper' tee shirt. We got the keys, went up a few flights, opened the door...there was a surprisingly large double bedroom, with wet room en suite. Another door...da da! The living space, which if I'm totally honest threw me for a minute. I was looking for another door that might lead to a larger is quite small, but it has a two seater settee, desk where the tv stands, and under-ped, another desk for pc and a kitchen area.

The flat has all mod cons, ya know, like toaster, microwave, iron, a cupboard out in the hallway that houses a mop and bucket, an ironing board (not used one of those for yonks) oven, hob.

Overall, once we'd got used to the small living area, it's a loveley flat. Do I detect a hint of optimism here in my scribblings? Am I almost saying I feel comfortable and fine with it all?

Not quite. Not yet. But I feel in my bones that day might come.


  1. Glad you're finding your way around, and feel you will be able to settle in, in time. It's a huge step and I think you're very brave. Accommodation sounds a million miles away from the grotty room and shared bathroom/kitchen I remember from campus days!

  2. Thanks, Kath. I really do think we were lucky with the accommodation. I reckon the shared rooms might not be quite as nice, and this flat is only just over 12 months old, so looks very new an shiny.

  3. I remember what halls of residence were like some(OMG!)29 years ago. We had ten people sharing a kitchen/living area and rooms in pairs with a WC/shower room in between. Those were the days!

    I wonder if they had family accommodation back then - I don't remember anyone mentioning it. At least yours is new and clean.

    Just read all your Uni posts - you seem to be having fun so far. Hope it continues.


  4. Thanks, Juliet. I'm going to have as much fun as it's possible to have!


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