Wednesday 26 December 2012

More on Christmas Past...

I remember my dad sitting at the open stove with me and my sister and shouting up the chimney to Father Christmas. "They've both been good. They want...." Then he'd list things like books, chocolate, and whatever we'd asked for. It was such a magical time. I think we believed he was actually speaking to him because the reply would come back soon after. "okay!" As we got a bit older we noticed Dad's mouth moving ventriloquist fashion and we kind of guessed it had been him all along. But the fun was just as real. We never had turkey. Mum used to buy a large capon and we'd have that with all the trimmings. Funny how I could always manage a full Terry's Orange afterwards...well, later in the afternoon. Now, I just can't face anything other than Christmas dinner and perhaps a cold meat sandwich later. These days I tend to pick at bits of things like left-over roast potatoes, and pickles and crisps. This year the family went out for Christmas lunch. It was very nice, very festive and very filling!

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