Saturday 30 May 2009

Script Call for UK Horror Film

Found this on Danny Stack's brilliant site:


Wednesday 27 May 2009

Lancaster University - MA - Open Day

Today, I attended the open day for the MA in Creative Writing:

Just got back. Phew! I stupidly wore boots with heels (why did I??) and by then end of the campus tour I was hobbling like a good un.

It was great, very informative, with some distance MA students and some campus based MA students. One lady from Dublin, who is taking the distance course, a lady from Liverpool, also on the distance course, and a lady from Coventry who will be living there like me. There was a youngish bloke who is finishing his undergraduate course in English & Creative Writing. There are also overseas students who were unable to make it today.

Graham Mort who is one of the distance learning tutors was there and a few others, like Pete Farley, who is a campus based tutor.

We had a buffet and coffee to start, listened to what the course will involve, then listened to existing students. Tour round campus, back for a Q & A session, where I found that two thirds of applicants were turned down for the course. There'll be ten to twelve students in the group. In November, we will be going on a residential intensive writing course for a week, either at Lumb Bank or Cardigan Bay!

I'm very excited and drained (because of the hobbling) and looking forward to the whole experience.

Saturday 23 May 2009

CBBC Children's Drama Opportunity

This is what it says on the Writersroom Opportunities page:

Do you have stories to tell that we've never seen before?
Can you create characters the audience will fall in love with?

We want to find the next generation of CBBC writers with fresh perspectives, original voices, and the ability to create unforgettable characters.

This opportunity is open to any writer who wants to write Children's drama for the 6-12 age range. We are looking for 30-minute original TV scripts of unmissable and infectious storytelling, offering fresh cultural perspectives, tales combining authenticity with hope and joy, stories from a child's point of view, characters that will engage and surprise the audience, scripts that are powerful, emotional, and contemporary, shows that will work for the CBBC audience and channel but can dare to take risks.


I have an idea for this. It's slowly germinating, so I'm not going to rush into writing it just yet, but will spend some thinking time on the project. Most, well okay, some, of the story is there, lurking, but it's the how's and when's that I need to get straight.

Don't you just love it when the idea hits, and you can't stop mulling it over?

Friday 8 May 2009

The Final Tweet

The last Tweep has Twittered. We've said our farewells, & promised to meet again if the opportunity arises, just like real people would do. It's been an absolute blast being part of the RFM Twitter Play. We've had great support & much well-wishing along the way, which always helps.

Next step is to listen to the play on radio after editing (shuffling of Tweets rather than deleting words), casting, then actors through to radio waves and on to the listener.

Can't Wait!

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Countdown - Twitter Play - Four Days Left

I was thinking today about the image I had of Francine Harpur before I started writing her character. I didn't know her name before I got the gig, but knew the short character bio.

I had a picture in my mind, what she loked like, how she would 'speak' but it wasn't until I started writing her that her character evolved into something else. Of course, because she's responding to the other five characters, this has played a part in shaping her.

She felt posh, a bit removed from normal life (whatever normal is) but, compassionate, generous, materialistic, dotty, living in her big house in Islington, surrounded by all the trappings, by the world of Fragrance Design, by expensive bottles of champagne.

And, of course, she had to have conflict somewhere in her life, and the main source of conflict is Florrie (love that name - will call my new pup that when I get her).

The whole thing feels like a tragicomedy, and it'll be very interesting to see what comes out of it and what it's shaped into.

Sunday 3 May 2009

Five Days Left To Tweet

It's going so quickly! I can hardly believe we started Tweeting for the Twitter play, seven days ago. I think we're all really into character now. Strangely, it's become quite easy to rattle off fragharpy's thoughts & dreams & lifestyle. Or maybe I should say worryingly!!

Whatever, it's a unique experience for me, & one that I would glady repeat if ever I got the chance.

Friday 1 May 2009

Tweet Play - Day Five

It's been a roller-coaster five days! One week to go. The characters are such an eclectic mix that if we were 'REAL' people, I'm not sure we'd click the 'FOLLOW' button to become better acquainted.

I feel that my character, fragharpy, indomitable spirit that she is, is becoming ever so slightly less zestful. And there are two reasons for this. The first reason is that she, like the other five characters, only Follows five Tweeters. They're not all as bouncy & brimming with good fortune as our fragharpy. Nay, could she allow herself to become a little disillusioned?

The second reason she may be distancing herself from some of the characters is because she can't deal with/doesn't understand their bluntness, or lack of frivolity, apart from the dead one, Sidebird, who's having a ball on the other side. It'll be interesting to see how we all develop during the coming week.