Tuesday 24 February 2009

Ha Ha ha ha Ha ha ha!!!!!!...

...That's what I hope they'll do when they read the three sketches I've just e mailed to 7 on 7, the BBC sketch competition. Somehow, I doubt it. It's not that I haven't any confidence in my ability to write a sketch, just that comedy is so subjective isn't it?

I watched a video of a short sketch, on a Blog the other day, supposed to be funny, but I couldn't see anything funny about it at all. To me, it was completely and utterly puerile.

There are some good sketches on tv (to my mind) that I can laugh at, but some leave me cold. I wonder how mine will leave the readers...stone cold, luke warm, or red hot??

We'll see.

Ill tell you what made me laugh out loud all the way through: Jerry Springer The Opera. I didn't see it live, just on tv, but it was the funniest thing...

Tuesday 17 February 2009

So...You Can Write Can You?

This post is prompted by a conversation over at Helen's Blog.

Now, it's true that many people, when confronted with the fact you're a writer, will say THEY too CAN write, or SHOULD write, or WOULD write...but...and the conversation over at Helen's Blog is going to be really funny and witty.

But what I find, is that people always want you to spell out (metaphorically speaking) what you've written. I don't know about you, but I hate doing that! I can never explain it properly in words, to non-writers, or even writers if I'm honest. Gawd, I'll have to improve if I'm ever going to pitch at some stage. It always ends up sounding so lame (to my ears) and I forget what the heck I've written and why.

Then you get the IDEAS person, who can't wait for you to finish your ramblings so they can tell you their much BETTER idea.

No wonder I tend not to tell people I write, because they keep asking you how you're doing..nothing published yet?...or...how long have you been writing?...when you tell them a number of years, they gasp and can't understand how you haven't MADE it yet...Grrr.

The worst experience for me was with the woman who runs the local Post Office. I handed over a M.S to be posted and she looked at the address, asked me what I'd written, then what else I'd written and told me I'd probably end up as successful as J.K. I mean, this from a woman who hasn't read any of my stuff...unless she sneaked a look-see. But how can I live up to her expectations???

Theatre Play Or Radio Play?

I finished the second radio play for the Alfred Bradley Award, and thought I would try writing a theatre play for The Fringe Marriott comp. Anyway, as I started writing, I realised my new scribblings had to be written in radio play format.

So I've written ANOTHER radio play, though I might adapt it for theatre, so I have both formats.

Where to send the new radio play? It's shorter than the previous two, running at about thirty minutes. I can either expand it and send it into Writersroom (though I have one aleady in the hands of Writersroom, so will wait to see what happens with that) or send it to a different comp, though can't find any other radio comps at the moment.

I think I'll adapt for theatre and get it off to the Fringe Marriott, then I can always send it as a radio play, somewhere, at some point.

I really enjoyed writing this latest play, and it's very different to the last two. I'm enjoying experimenting with structure and language.

With my previous plays, I've tended to go the traditional route, straightforward story-telling, A to B kind of thing, But this latest play is a bit different, in that there's a flashback scene and quite a bit of inner thought from characters.

It's only by trying new things out that you find YOUR way, or the right way for a particular play, I suppose.

If anyone knows of a radio play competition besides the Alfred Bradley, or 7 ON 7comedy sketch comp, let me know.

Monday 9 February 2009

Playwriting Competition - The Windsor Fringe Marriott Award

Cancel what I said about starting a spec script for tv. I'm going to try and write a theatre play for this competition:

The Windsor Fringe Marriott Award LINK TO BBC WRITERSROOM.

Deadline: 5th March 2009.

I have the idea...

Second Entry To Alfred Bradley Now Finished!

Great! I've finally finished the second entry, and it's sitting in a brown envelope waiting to be posted. I'll send it tomorrow.

I've enjoyed writing this one very much, and prefer it to my first entry. I must admit, editing, and then checking for errors, and checking again, did my little nut in, though I'm glad I was so thorough because I found one or two glaring holes.

Good luck to anyone who's entered, and let's hope one of us at least, will be cracking open the champagne, come May. I'll crack open a bottle in April, if I'm shortlisted.

Sunday 8 February 2009

Being Human - BBC 3 TV

Anyone watched this yet? I missed the first couple of episodes, but caught it tonight after hearing good things about it.

I'm so glad I watched it. It's a kind of modern-day vampire/werewolf/ghost story, with lots of human elements for the not so human cast. I think that's why it works. A comedy/drama that follows the lives of a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost, all living in a house together. What a great idea.

There are, or have been lots of other-wordly type tv shows. When people say don't try to copy or write something that's gone beore, they don't necessarily mean don't write ABOUT those types of things, rather, just give your story and characters a new and unique slant. This is other-wordly, set in OUR world, so we have the ordinaryness of everyday life, with an extraordinary side to it.

Gripping tv.

If you want to watch catch-up episodes courtesey of the BBC, click on the LINK below: