Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My Story is in 15th August Issue of My Weekly

My story is due to be published in the 15th August issue of My Weekly. It's called Sweet Taste of Success - not the original title, which was Two Shining Stars.

I'm chuffed they bought it, and liked it. All my friends and family can scoot off and buy a copy. I've only sent them one more story since they accepted this one, and that's been due to a lack of time, more than anything else. I WILL write more, and my next offering is going to be a pocket novel for My Weekly, so fingers crossed for that!!

I did mean to start it today at lunchtime, but didn't get round to it. Too much Caffe Nero coffee!!


  1. Can you tell me how you got into this? Was gonna send you an email but can't find one.

  2. Course. Follow my friend, Kath's Blog, to find out all you need to know about writing for the mags:


    I'll try to make my e mail visible, but here it is for now:


  3. Well done you clever thing. Excellent

  4. Thanks, Lee and Grethic, and Janice, too.

  5. Thanks for the info. So interesting... Will deffo read your short.

  6. I've just received my contributor copy, and although it looks great, the character pics aren't what I was expecting at all. Very nice to see it though.

  7. Fantastic, well done! And love the Miss Havisham blogtakeover!


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