Monday, 6 July 2009

New Idea

I have an idea for my next project. It's a tv drama, but veering towards comedy/drama, so maybe a black comedy? Heck, I dunno.

Anyhow, I have the idea, though not yet written notes, which is always my first job. But it got me I know what i'm going to do with this at the end? I always like to be working towards something, writing to some purpose. So, first off, I'm going to scout around some of the deadlines calendars, and seek out an opportunity. Once I've found something that might be suitable to send the script to, I shall begin my noterly scribbles.


  1. Make the notes now, Antonia while it's fresh. See where it goes - only you will read it at this stage. It might tailor/bash/sneak in somewhere later or end up as a spec script for your portfolio. Trust me, write it!

  2. Well, funnily enough, I started writing notes at lunchtime, sitting in Caffe Nero, sipping latte and scribbling furiously.

    I'll carry on like this for maybe a week or so, then the time will come where I want to actually start the script, and I will.

    Thanks Sheikspear, for the encouragement.

  3. No problem, Antonia, good luck with the script.


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