Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Do you Outline or Not?

I was looking over at Scott Myers' BLOG, which always fascinates me. He's discussing outlines, and links to a post he wrote a while back: LINK HERE TO HOW PAUL SCHRADER OUTLINES, THEN RE-OUTLINES

Personally, I tend to write lots of notes about my idea, then write a short story of sorts, and then start the script. Sometimes, I don't need to refer to my notes, because the actual writing of the notes, then the story, has fixed things firmly in my mind, and I then feel free to write it in script form.



  1. Sometimes I outline. I never used to but I have been forced to by several people, usually because the piece wasn't working and it has been incredibly useful.

    I have one piece I'm working on. I didn't outline and it doesn't work structurally.

    The next piece I'm gonna write, I'm definitely going to start with an outline and see if it's easier to write.

  2. I think I should maybe TRY a detailed outline and compare how the structure looks to a script with minimum outline. Hmmm.

  3. I throw everything, thoughts, disembodied lines, feelings, laundry lists etc. into a single doc file, usually starting on my PDA phone.

    At some point there is so much stuff the thing reaches critical mass and BANG I have no choice but to start actually writing. It all just sort of falls out into the first draft.

  4. I like that critical mass comparison. Sounds like a good way to start, Chuck.

  5. I really haven't got the hang of outlining yet. I know it's a good idea and I should do it, but somehow I can't get excited about it. Unfortunately, the industry seems to expect it, so I guess I'll have to keep trying.

  6. I know what you mean, Juliet. I keep saying I'll outline in detail, but the stories run away before I get the chance!


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