Saturday, 11 July 2009

CBBC - Well done to the Twenty - On to the Next Thing

I didn't hear anything from CBBC, so I'll take it that my script didn't get to a second reading, though I know two people whose scripts DID make it through to a second read, so WELL DONE to: LINK TO BANG2WRITE'S BLOG AND: SOFLUID'S BLOG

ALSO, there's mention of MATT SINCLAIR who DID make it through: LINK TO JEZ FREEDMAN'S BLOG

Well done to the above writers, and onwards and upwards onto the next project. I mean, there were over 700 entries, so that's absolutely brilliant to have made a second reading.

I'm thinking about what to write next, and my idea that I mentioned earlier, is still fermenting, so, that's the objective for today - think some more, start with notes, take it forward.


  1. Thank you Antonia. Good to hear you're using my "onwards and upwards" motto! That's the spirit!

    Good luck with your new project. Today I'm trying to get my head around changing my script completely. It's very hard!

    It's a learning process that's for sure :)

  2. Yes, I was actually inspired by your new post! Will comment on that soon. Good luck with the script changes.

  3. I really enjoyed your script Antonia - I'm looking forward to this new one too - onward and upward!

  4. Thanks, Paul. There's no time to be despondent or bitter, just to get on with it and improve with every script.

  5. Brilliant attitude, Antonia. I've told you before about how gutted I was not to get shortlisted for the Smiths Raw Talent comp, and yet a few years later they were selling that same book I submitted. Some things are on a slow burner.

    I love what I've seen of your scripts!

  6. Thanks, Kate. Yes, it just shows, sometimes it's all about the timimg...


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