Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lancaster University - MA - Open Day

Today, I attended the open day for the MA in Creative Writing:

Just got back. Phew! I stupidly wore boots with heels (why did I??) and by then end of the campus tour I was hobbling like a good un.

It was great, very informative, with some distance MA students and some campus based MA students. One lady from Dublin, who is taking the distance course, a lady from Liverpool, also on the distance course, and a lady from Coventry who will be living there like me. There was a youngish bloke who is finishing his undergraduate course in English & Creative Writing. There are also overseas students who were unable to make it today.

Graham Mort who is one of the distance learning tutors was there and a few others, like Pete Farley, who is a campus based tutor.

We had a buffet and coffee to start, listened to what the course will involve, then listened to existing students. Tour round campus, back for a Q & A session, where I found that two thirds of applicants were turned down for the course. There'll be ten to twelve students in the group. In November, we will be going on a residential intensive writing course for a week, either at Lumb Bank or Cardigan Bay!

I'm very excited and drained (because of the hobbling) and looking forward to the whole experience.


  1. I once had to be carried back to the car after wearing my highest heels to a Meat Loaf concert - but the pain was worth it as I got a great view. (And managed to get to within 20 feet of the stage, but that had more to do with sharp elbows than the heels.)

    Sounds like you had a great day. Hope your feet are okay now.

    (Am just glad I've managed to leave a message - blogger's been bad and taken to the habit of timing me out with error messages.)

  2. Thanks, Suzanne. Oooh, that sounds as painful as my little mishap.

    Yes, had a great day, apart from the feet.


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