Friday, 8 May 2009

The Final Tweet

The last Tweep has Twittered. We've said our farewells, & promised to meet again if the opportunity arises, just like real people would do. It's been an absolute blast being part of the RFM Twitter Play. We've had great support & much well-wishing along the way, which always helps.

Next step is to listen to the play on radio after editing (shuffling of Tweets rather than deleting words), casting, then actors through to radio waves and on to the listener.

Can't Wait!


  1. It sounds like you've had a blast...

  2. Wow. I wonder how it'll sound when it's finished? What an imaginative project.

  3. I know, Kate. It's a bit hard to imagine it going direct to listeners, but I have a feeling it'll be quite good in an unusual way.


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