Saturday, 31 January 2009

Update On Second Entry To Alfred Bradley Comp

Well, I've now written 44 pages...and loved every minute of it. For some reason, this radio play has been easier to write than the first one. I like this one better, so whether that's the reason...Anyway, I just need to go through and edit...perhaps a few times, then read it out to check for time length.

Then I'll be sending it off to the BBC comp, and on to the next project, which is going to be a spec for a tv comedy drama, with an outline for possible future episodes.

I sound all confident and knowing, eh? Not at all. I've never written a tv spec script before, but I'm looking forward to trying a few things out. I have the idea. Can I make it work? We'll see, but I'll have a darned good try.

Wil keep you informed.


  1. Have finished!

    Just got to put a few finishng touches to it, which I'll have done by the weekend, then off it goes.

  2. Well done - and good luck.



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