Tuesday, 20 January 2009

About My First Radio Play Entry For The Alfred Bradley Award

Well, my first entry should be sitting on a mat somewhere, deep in the bowels of the BBC. I wrote a fair few drafts, and quite a few times, when I thought all was finished, squeaky clean and sparkling, I placed the script in the envelope. Funnily enough I didn't seal it, so I must have had an idea I'd be taking it out again.

Yes, I had a few mind-blowing ideas and had to slip out the script, re-do bits and pieces, add on a little, then...finally...I felt I could let the script go.

My play is quite a simple idea, but I think I 've been a bit ambitious with it, too. It has twists and turns and there are a couple of, let's say, unusual elements in there.

I have no idea if this is what they're looking for/any good/playable on radio. That's because I've never written a radio script before, apart from the script I handed in at the Writersroom Roadshow. So it's all trial and error, and in a way that's how it has to be, until somebody sees something good in my work. I'll know, then, if I'm on the right track. I hope it'll be soooooooooooooooooon.

I've started my second comp entry. I did really well, with fifteen pages just flowing from...somewhere. I'm too tired to continue tonight but hope to write at least another fifteen pages tomorrow. It's all here, right inside my head, and completetly different to the first entry.


  1. Fantastic news Antonia, well done!! I'm really excited for you and I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. Good luck with your second competition entry.

  2. The word verification for the above post was 'congrat' - how appropriate :-)

  3. Hey, Jacqui! I do hope that's an omen. Thanks for the congrats.

  4. I'm now on thrity-five pages for the second entry.

    I've really got into it, trying to BE the characters, and it's working for me so far.


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