Friday, 11 June 2010

Inspirational T.V. Writer at on...

Terry Cafolla came to Lancaster Uni on Thursday to talk about working in T.V. He's very friendly, informative and eager to pass on tips and information. He's one of the writers on Law and Order UK, which I really enjoyed. Looking forward to the next series.

One thing that struck me was how ordinary he is. No airs and graces. I don't know why, but you tend (or is it just me) to imagine that those who have made it in tv etc, will be beyond you in some way. Of course, it's nonsense.

Terry did an M.A at Lancaster too, which inspired me somewhat!!

Okay, I'm a short story writer/novel writer (aspiring), but Terry BEGAN with poetry, so whoooooooooooooo!!! I too will take a screenwriting course.


  1. Hi Antonia! Been waiting to hear news of you. Coming from the bottom of the world I've no idea who Terry Cofalla is, but sounds like he was inspiring. Course going well obviously..:)

  2. Thanks, L'Aussie. Yes, course is going really well. Here's a link to Terry:

    LINK to TERRY.

  3. I so want to write for Law and Order!

  4. That's really great, Antonia! I think it would be absolutely marvelous if you became a famous screenwriter. Count me in as one of your supporters.

  5. Hi Antonia

    You should find these FREE podcasts useful. All about planning your screenwriting career strategy. If you enjoy them please pass on news about the e-book. All monies raised goes to the UK charity Childline

    Also the rest of the site is a great resource for novelists.

    best wishes


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