Sunday, 28 June 2009

CBBC Script Finished & Ready To Go!!

All I can say is Phew!

I have to thank Michelle (Sofluid) MICHELLE'S BLOG and Paul PAUL's BLOG for crtiquing my first draft. The critiques were enormously helpful and I then embarked on a re-write. I ditched some of it, added to it and overhauled a lot of it.

I now think the script reads like an action packed, children's tv script, rather than a story that lacked oomph.

Anyway, it's bagged and tagged and ready to go to the BBC tomorrow morning. It's cutting it fine, but it should get there.

Hope one of us is successful.


  1. It'll get there fine Antonia, fingers crossed for all and well done for finishing it! Get yourself a cake and a big ol' cup of tea. You deserve a sit down and some tasty treats.


  2. I'm so excited for you Antonia. You've worked so hard! Good advice above - yes, relax awhile...

  3. I'm sure you'll have successfully whipped it up into a magical frenzy of excitement!

    Congrats on finishing! I'll bet it feels really good!

    Now you can relax, have some chill-out time with a cuppa tea and a cake (I like the way that Katie McCullough thinks!)

  4. Thanks, Katie. Cake in front of me now, large slab in fact!

    L'Aussie, thanks for the encouragement.

    Sofluid, it does feel so, so, good! I hope it reads magically. I feel like it's come on such a long way from that first draft. Thanks again for giving it a great critique.

  5. Well done Antonia! Finished mine yesterday. I missed the last post though, so had to send it by Special Delivery this morning - just to make sure it gets there tomorrow!

    I would celebrate, but I'm back at work now after a fantastic loooong weekend break (which I'll be blogging about soon...)

  6. Well done, Splinter! So pleased for you. Now it's just a waiting game. All the very best.


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