Saturday, 20 June 2009

CBBC - First Draft Finished!

It's late, but I had to post that I've finished the first draft. It's been quite hard going today, but worth it.

I'm pleased with it, although it needs tweaking and a good going over, to check facts, and edit, edit, edit, then I may just have a decent script to send in to the comp.



  1. Excellent stuff - good luck Antonia!

  2. Cheers, Michelle and Paul. I'm cracking on with it again tonight!

  3. Antonia, was it you who offered to critique my script if I needed an extra critiquer?

    Well, in any case, I thought I'd give you my email addy -

    I'd really appreciate an extra pair of eyes scouring over my script if you have the time and would be happy to return the favour! :)

  4. Yay! Only just caught up with your blog, nice one hun. Electronical high five-ness!


  5. Michelle, it was! We'll exchange asap!

    Thanks, Katie.

  6. Well done Antonia! Feels good eh? I'm in the middle of writing my second draft. Some major changes! Good luck with yours! ;)

  7. Thanks! Good lcuk with yours, and let me kow if you want to exchange.

  8. Well done and good luck. It is very strange that moment when your baby goes off in the post and you have no idea what will happen next

  9. Thanks, Grethic. Yes, it is strange...but hopeful and exciting at the same time.


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