Thursday, 6 November 2008

Antonia's: Diary Of An Aspiring Novelist



Here's the start of my novel diary. I've put Scribblings as the heading because that's mainly what I've done so far and lots of outlines. They're all in a small, chunky book, bought for me by my sister, Ellie, who buys me things like that from time to time, and they're much appreciated. Much has been scribbled during jouneys to and from work. Mainly to work, because on the way back from work I invariably fall asleep for most of the journey. Only once have I missed my stop. I woke up to see the familiar goings-on of the High Street move further away into the distance.

So, to make sense of the Scribblings. I've been putting that off, and now that I've given myself a deadline of three years for the novel to be published (ha ha ha - ever the optomist) I need to start putting those musings and character studies in order. I've worked quite a lot on the character studies and know who I want in there and kind-of what I want to say.

The hard bit, for me, and possibly for many authors is making sense of it all...structuring the darned thing so that it all falls together nicely, mmmmm, just like Angel Delight.

More to follow tomorrow....


  1. Hmmm, I said more to follow tomorrow...but I've had a busy weekend.

    Well, my main problem with writing a novel is that although I've got loads of musings and character studies, and situations (some anyway) I'm not entirely sure what the POINT of the novel wil be. You know, the crux of it. I always seem to end up in that situation.

    Oh, I know there has to be a main protagonist and an antagonist, and yes, I have them, and also have some of the conflict and some of the resolution. But do I understand the POINT of my own novel. I'm not sure I do yet.

    I'm not going to let that put me off though. I'm going to forge ahead and write the darned thing. I know I can do it because I've written a novel before - Northern Delights (changed to: Jump Down Turn Around). I do struggle a bit with structure, but last time I just wrote blindly, hoping that something cohesive would appear, like a real live rabbit, from the magicians hat. Yes, it was a story that could be read, but it wasn't exactly a structured story that bobbed along smoothly. It was a bit disjointed, I think.

    Now, I've also partly tried to write two other novels. The first, The Moon Diaries, was more of an outline than anything else, and the next one, Vinny's World, got further than that, but still didn't really get off the ground. I've put them to bed for a while and am concentrating on this new novel.

    I seem to have a problem with 'what is right to write - for me?' This new novel is based in and around my home territory, and once I've collected and made a bit of sense out of my Scribblings, I'll post more about it. Watch This Space!

  2. Higgs I'm sure your three other attempts at writing a novel were a good learning experience. I don't really have any advice, the thought of writing a novel has always intimidated me. My concerns are probably similar to yours - structuring etc.

    I've come up with a few ideas but none of them really truly inspire me. I know where I what to set a novel and I have some characters but that's about it. Ao until an idea really fires me up I'm going to focus on others things.

    In the meantime I'll enjoy following your journal.

  3. Thanks, Mel. I think you realise that it's damned hard work writing a novel, and hats off to those who have done it successfully!

  4. f you look under 'My Writing Links', you'll see that I've opened a BLOG Account at AUTHONOMY. I'll be writing my novel and posting chapters up there. The most popular novels are read by Harper Collins and who knows...?

    I've also opened a Telegraph BLOG where you can post short stories for a monthly writing competition.

  5. I might join Authonomy too, Higgi. You know, of course, about my experience with the Telegraph Blogs. They're not a good place for writers.

  6. I know, Sally. It's such a shame, but can happen with these public Blogs.

    I'll have to sort out my Link to my Authonomy Blog, because it doesn't work. I'm not sure whether people might have to sign in over there to see it. Not that there's much to see at the moment. Got to write the darned thing first!

  7. Well, I've FINALLY kicked off with it, after months and months of pontificating and scribbling, and creating character studies. I've been mulling it all over in my mind for too long, and guess what? I changed half of what I thought it might be about, as I wrote the first part.

    I'm glad I did change it though, because I feel that what I'm writing about now is more of a story to me, more a story that I feel comfortable writing about. It just came to me as I wrote.

    I just hope I can hold it all up with my structuring problems.

    What made wme just kick off and start it was something I read on another site, words from an author saying: how many times have you thought, 'oh, I'll just leave this one for now because I have a much better idea, and you end up starting these different novels and never really finishing any of them'.

    That's what made me start because I've been just like that and it's time to stop being scared and to just go for it!!!!

  8. Oh, and I've just written 1,341 words, so it's a start, eh?

  9. Had a bit of a blip with pov yesterday, but I think it's sorted in my head now.I had the omniscient pov, but focussing mainly on the MC, then changed it to a minor character for a couple of sentences. I suppose it could work, but...I reckon you have to be skillful to pull it off, and I'd hate to get myself tangled in knots, only to find it needs totally re-writing at the end.

  10. I've written another scene,and it's shaping up nicely, I think. Will post a bit up here when I get the chance.


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