Thursday, 27 November 2008

BBC Writersroom Roadshow

I was there, at the BBC studios in Manchester on Wednesday 26th November. We watched a couple of drama clips, and saw what makes good tv drama...the shots...the suspense....the dialogue.

The room was absolutely packed, and there were a lot of new writers there. I noticed about six other scripts in the Script Box at the end, so not that many people handed them in, unless some kept them hidden about their person until the last minute.

A lot of what was said can be found on the writersroom website, but they did expand on topics and there was a Q & A session.

There are about six readers that read all scripts going into the BBC Writersroom. The six meet up at the BBC about twice a month, sometimes more, and sit around a table.

The first ten pages are absolutely crucial. If you don't hook, excite or make an impression with good writing within those first ten pages, then, they don't take the script any further.

If they see potential, and they love your writing, they will give it a full read. After that full read, and in consultation with others, they decide whether to call you regarding development. It's very rare that a script sent in this way will be commissioned, though it has happened. No, what they see it as, is your 'calling card', the fact that you can write. They may ask you to send more scripts or ideas.

Development by the BBC can mean writing workshops, calling you in to discuss ideas and working with you on those ideas, or giving you the opportunity to work on specific dramas or soaps.

More to follow...


  1. Good luck Higgs! You have loads of talent and bundles of enthusiasm and energy. It's great that you are getting out there and making contact with people, I'm sure that will be a huge help to you.

    I have everything crossed for you.

  2. Hope you hear from them soon, Higgi. Good luck.


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