Wednesday, 6 January 2010

What I Hope to Achieve in 2010 - Five Things

Now here! Listen. These are the achievable things I WILL nail in this brand new shiny year.

1: Keep up with and finish the novel by September 2010, when it'll be due in for Uni assessment.

2: Analyse and break down novels and scripts to gain a better understanding of the processes.

3: Keep writing scripts.

4: Enter a few scriptwriting competitions and short story competitions to keep my hand in. You've got to be in it to win it, as they so rightly say.

5: Make myself pick up that pen every day, or tinker at the p.c. and write words every single day.

There you have it. Five things isn't over-facing. I think I may be able to stomach it. :-)


  1. Nice list but, 'These are the achievable things I hope to nail in this brand new shiny year' - why is it only HOPE to nail?


  2. Thanks, Kid. And you're right. Amended now to WILL!

  3. Higgs... sorry I haven't checked in on you for ages. Haven't been able to access Blogspot blogs for ages here, but now have a sneaky tool to get me around the problem. Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, and more inspiration to your pen. I also have number 5 down on my list, and hope this will be the year I get back to my poetry.... I have a good feeling! Oh, and good luck at Lancs... hope you're enjoying the course!

  4. and stomach them you shall - only to probably hurl them all up again around july/august! perfectly normal - and you'll do them in the end!

  5. Tam! Nice to see you. I can't access your blog, but would like to if you're able to invite people.

    Thanks, Lee. I've started already with 1300 words yesterday.

    Jezz, yes, I'm sure I'll regurgitate at some point!

    Thanks, Janice.

  6. Not much then:) If anyone can do it you can, you've got more passion for writing than anyone I know.

    I'm just trying to post on my blog every steps. Hopefully this will lead me back to poetry. Tam and I are trying to encourage and inspire each other.

  7. Commendable goals -- you can do it. Good luck.
    Thanks for clicking onto my follow button.
    Arlee Bird

  8. Thanks, Mel. You'll progress, I'm sure. Especially with Tam to inspire you.

    Arlee bird, thanks for commenting and following.

  9. Higgs, the blog's up and running again. You should have access as before :)

  10. Ah! Managed to get on there now. Thanks.

  11. Some great goals. That last one, in particular, is a habit that has made all the difference in my own writing life. Stick with it!

  12. Will, do! Thanks for your comments, K.M. Weiland.

  13. Impressed by your resolutions and determination! I finished 20 credits with Lancaster Uni creative writing in the Adult Ed department last November - really good.

    I have put you on my Firefox Bookmarks. You are a woman after my own heart. Maybe you'd like to look me up.

  14. Have clicked the Follow button on your Blog, MoraG. Very nice it looks, too.

  15. Thanks, Antonia, for following, and for the comment on my blog's appearance - it makes a difference!


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