Sunday, 8 November 2009

Writers' Retreat - Criccieth

I'm off to Criccieth tomorrow, yippee!! It's the writers' retreat, tied in with the Masters degree. We have to read a lot, write a lot, and take it in turns to cook once a week. I am so looking forward to this experience, though feel strangely nervous/excited. Hell, if I can move to Uni lock stock and barrel, I can do this little thing, eh?

I will report on my return.


  1. YAY! Go forth and write woman, WRITE!


  2. Is this Ty Newydd?
    Great place and even doing the cooking is fun!
    Fell into your blog and shall look forward to returning and reading re your trip too.

  3. Diane and Jan, it was wonderful! Will post about it over the weekend. It was Ty Newydd, Jan.


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