Tuesday, 29 September 2009

University Blogging

Well, here I am at Uni! Can't believe I took the plunge and moved on campus, along with hubby.

I arrived Saturday 26th September. We're in family flats, and they're only a year old, so are quite nice and modern, though small. Yesterday, I had the welcome lunch with the rest of the Creative Writing MA students, which was nice, getting to know the people I'll be spending creative time with over the coming twelve months.

We have a residential to look forward to at the beginning of November. A full week at the National Writers' Centre for Wales, at Ty Newydd.


How we get there is a different matter, as apparently from Lancaster it takes around eight hours on the train! Hope one of the other students is driving and I can car-share, or, maybe a few of us can hire a mini-bus or something.

But it's all new and exciting, if not a bit daunting.

Will Blog more later.


  1. Congratulations - does this mean you have to 'do' freshers and all that goes with it? Or observe from a safe quarter and look on sagely.

  2. I looked on sagely, despite going to the bars on campus on Saturday and Sunday night. I did, however, mooch along to the Graduate bar which was quite sedate!


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