Monday, 27 April 2009

Twitter News - I Play Character B!

After two weeks of nonsensical Tweeting on Twitter, I'm pleased & proud to say that I'm one of the chosen writers to write the part of Francine Harpur, a London based fragrance designer & freelance 'nose'. Lasting for two weeks, it all kicked off today, & so far it's going really well. I find myself 'being' this character & have imagined Lisa Goddard's character (remember the lovely Lisa?) in ITV's 'Yes Honestly' to be quite similar to Francine.

Follow my updates if you like: see the 'Follow Me' link under fragharpy on this Blog sidebar. I'm also on Twitter as my 'real' ID, Antoniablue, but have suspended the 'Follow' tag on this name for now.

It's going to be fun, a blast, a real experience.

Will update about its progress by the day.


  1. Oh no, what did I miss out on?! This sounds brilliant! How did you come to be involved in it? Best of luck and look forward to hearing the results! :)

  2. Hi, there. There was a call from Resonance FM, a London based radio station. They wanted people to write characters in Tweet form on Twitter, which is now going to be edited into a radio play. The content isn't going to be edited, just the order of Tweets.

    Anyway, all those interested had to make it known they were interested, and the organiser 'Followed' them all on Twitter for two weeks, then chose the writers they wanted to write the characters. I was one, and there were five others, including Paul May the organiser.

    That's it in a nutshell, really. The end result should be quite interesting. If you're a member of Twitter you can 'Follow' RFMPlay & this will give you more info.

    My tweets are still here on the right hand side of this Blog. Follow fragharpy to see.


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