Thursday, 19 March 2009

Next Project: TV Spec Series

I have the idea, and have already written a brief first episode outline. I heard somewhere on the blogoshpere that it's best to write what you're passionate about, what fires you. I've always done that, really, though knowing why something fires you like it does, is another mystery. People say write what you know, which I think is correct, but it doesn't have to be know as in, you write about an alcoholic, so you should have had an experience of, or with an alcoholic. Not necessarily, say I.

We've (probably) all seen an alcoholic, so we know how they behave, even if we've only seen one on film. We know emotion like love and hate and greed and lust etc, so we put what we know of those experiences (and others) into everything we write, and that, to me, is writing what you know.

Anyway, I'm quite excited about this series idea. I'm going to get it all down, do some character studies, then write the first spec episode. If there's a comp out there, I'll send it in. if not, I'll send it to BBC Writersroom.

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