Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Theatre Play Or Radio Play?

I finished the second radio play for the Alfred Bradley Award, and thought I would try writing a theatre play for The Fringe Marriott comp. Anyway, as I started writing, I realised my new scribblings had to be written in radio play format.

So I've written ANOTHER radio play, though I might adapt it for theatre, so I have both formats.

Where to send the new radio play? It's shorter than the previous two, running at about thirty minutes. I can either expand it and send it into Writersroom (though I have one aleady in the hands of Writersroom, so will wait to see what happens with that) or send it to a different comp, though can't find any other radio comps at the moment.

I think I'll adapt for theatre and get it off to the Fringe Marriott, then I can always send it as a radio play, somewhere, at some point.

I really enjoyed writing this latest play, and it's very different to the last two. I'm enjoying experimenting with structure and language.

With my previous plays, I've tended to go the traditional route, straightforward story-telling, A to B kind of thing, But this latest play is a bit different, in that there's a flashback scene and quite a bit of inner thought from characters.

It's only by trying new things out that you find YOUR way, or the right way for a particular play, I suppose.

If anyone knows of a radio play competition besides the Alfred Bradley, or 7 ON 7comedy sketch comp, let me know.

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