Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Picture Prompt For 23/12/2008

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  1. "Homer, looks like you got a scowl frozen on your face."

    "Yeah? well it's bloody freezing here, in case you hadn't noticed. It was Selma who insisted on this...this gift!"

    "Yeah, but how was she to know the photographers would keep us sitting here on this bench for hours and hours. You okay, Maggie?"

    "Huh? Wahhh, I want my pacifier!"

    "But you're lips are frozen together."

    "Aw, shut up Bart. How d'ya think I'm speaking?"

    "Eat my shorts, will ya."

    "Ah, here's the photographer now. Smile everyone."

    "Dad, it's not a photographer. Don't you see on his van? It says: Freeze-Frame Art Inc."


    "Yeah, and underneath in small letters, it says, All your favourite things frozen in time with our special Freeze-Frame-Spray."

    "So that wasn't a snowstorm we were sitting in?"

    "No, Dad."

    "I knew Selma would shut us all up for good. I expect we'll be sitting in her lounge in a glass case or something...for evermore."

    "Yeah, well I for one will fix my glare on her. I'll will her to melt us down and let us live a normal life again."

    "Is that so, Bart?"

    "Yeah, Dad."

    "Well, everyone, I quite like the idea of being the first family frozen in time. We'll be on the news, in the papers!"

    "That's true Ma. But,Ma?"

    "Yeah, Lisa?"

    "Listen. I figure if we sit it out, we'll wake up and be normal folks again at some point in time. We'll be like Walt Disney, and to be honest, I support the cartoon industry. Look what it did for us?"


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